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Thank you Christine and Gill (Wright) so much for the Restorative Energy Workshop. The techniques and tips gave me different tools to help me manage the difficulties thrown up by doing a challenging and stressful job from home over the past 10 months. I thoroughly recommend it.

Hilary, PR Consultant

“Thank you Christine and Gill (Wright) for the Restorative Energy Workshop. It really was great. Life for me has been stressful over the last few months – as it has for most people. I have found it very hard to relax and tried various things to unwind at home but have not been able to. The guided relaxation was excellent and for the first time in months I was able to really relax. It was so helpful to have coaching sessions which helped reframe how I manage different situations and came away with a greater feeling of control. I had the best night’s sleep in months after this workshop and I look forward to another workshop soon. I would thoroughly recommend to others to participate in one of these events and have the benefits of a really restorative morning.”

Suzie, Medical Doctor

Working with Christine was a wonderful experience. Her coaching presence is very welcoming and I felt that she was truly able to connect with what I was looking for. I was able to be authentic and honest. And since she truly held space for me, I never felt the need to hold back, which led to incredible growth. All in all a very successful experience for me with literally tangible growth!”

Helen Brenner, Trauma-Informed Coaching Specialist, Discover You Coaching

“Christine’s coaching has really helped me navigate through some recent professional and personal barriers in my life. She has a very personable attitude and has a real knack for asking the right type of questions which really get you thinking. This helped us take a deep dive into many topics and come out with a clear and realistic action plan. I feel like I have come out of the sessions with a better understanding of myself and many more tools to face the daily challenges life throws at us. I can’t thank her enough for the invaluable lessons I’ve learnt.”

Krutic Patel, Lead IT Project Manager, Debenhams

“The Innovation in Leadership Group Programme was a great opportunity to take time out and really reflect on what I do, how I work, share thoughts and learn with others. The sessions have made me consider creativity in a new way and have inspired me to take action and explore this further. Christine led the sessions in a thoughtful, supportive and encouraging way – I would recommend to anyone considering signing up.”

Rachel Cole, School Manager, University of East Anglia

“Christine’s coaching has helped me in many ways. Especially to achieve my goals which are overcoming fear of others judgement, how to stay focussed and confident in difficult times whatever it is going in your life. I had the thoughts that it will take time to realise her coaching benefits but that was not the case. I was able to implement actions spot on where I was able to realise/feel the change already. I am very thankful to Christine. Remember her coaching is going to help you for the rest of your life.”

Rahini Balasubramaniam, Senior Business Analyst, Namos Solutions

“My sessions with Christine helped me overcome major blockers I’ve had for a long time. Christine heard beyond my words and challenged me to think deeper and find out what is truly important to me, not just on a professional level, but what are my values as an individual. It’s hard to believe how much I have accomplished with Christine’s help in just a few sessions! Thank you Christine!”

Galina Tsvetanova, Digital Project Manager, Debenhams

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“It has been a true pleasure to be coached by Christine. Her innate listening skills enable her to hear what isn’t being said and get to the root of the issue. She always challenged me on what I meant when saying certain things and this helped me better understand myself and my inner motivations. She helped me overcome challenges which I initially could not see any way through and gain confidence and awareness in myself. I very much look forward to future coaching sessions with Christine.”

Charlotte Nicholson, Director, Nicholson Change Coaching

“Christine is an open-minded yet very sensible professional; in our sessions she listened carefully and through a structured discourse guided me cleverly to understand a problem or break new ground. She is a passionate coach who truly believes in people’s inner power to change their reality. This transpires through her private and professional life and can be a source of inspiration for others as it is for me”

Katarzyna Nowacka, IT Consultant, Atos Syntel

“Christine is a creative, caring and impactful coach. She helped me quickly identify blockers and got me moving into action at a phenomenal speed! I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions together because she is the ultimate coaching partner and helped stretch me in a lot of ways.”

Rowan Ahmadi-Nameghi, Head of Communications, Chivas Brothers

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“Christine is a brilliant coach. She’s very thoughtful and has extensive experience. Where she really shines is in helping people who need to have difficult conversations with colleagues (e.g. performance issues) and need to handle them in a way that achieves the right outcome – a really tough balance to strike and Christine can help navigate these situations perfectly.”

Julia Finch, Director of Strategy and People Transformation, Barclays

Mountain Light Coaching Norfolk

“Coaching with Christine has helped me get clarity around a way forward when all I could see were blocks . She helps you turn negatives into positives in such a subtle way that you don’t really notice until you find yourself making plans to take some action that make you feel good about yourself!”

Jayne Roskell, Marketing Director, Hamelin Brands

Mountain Light Coaching

“Christine has a professional, personable style that encourages high performance from those around her. I would like to endorse her particularly for her coaching skills. Christine has an attentive ear, an inspired way of phrasing questions and helped me to identify new insights.”

Roger Tindale, IT Programme Director, Atos Syntel

Mountain Light Coaching

“Through coaching with Christine, I came to evident insights that finally moved me forward in life and career. She guided me patiently through this very intense journey, with lots of kindness, trust, integrity, understanding and professionalism. Thank you Christine!”

Lieve De Schepper, Entrepreneur and Finance Director, Axxior

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“I found Christine to be extremely professional, very approachable and she made me feel fully at ease in our sessions. I discussed both personal and professional challenges; and found her to be an excellent listener who then always cleverly helped me work through my objectives to define achievable and realistic action plans.”

Katie Thomas, IT Programme Manager, Dell EMC

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